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Coffee Ice Cream Cake

Coffee Ice Cream Cake

It is my husband, Nathan's, birthday! While my husband loves pretty much everything I make there is one thing that holds his heart above all other cream! I like ice cream...but I only like ice cream. He gravitates toward it like he can't get enough of it. This cake recipe is one that was passed on in our family that I have to admit is pretty awesome. If ever there was an ice cream (cake) that I would eat it would always be this one. I try to make this at least once a year for him: Fourth of July (his favorite holiday), Father's Day, or his birthday. Always a fantastic treat to celebrate the guy in my life who holds my heart and that of our family.

The first thing you need is a quality ice cream. If you are not making your own then I highly recommend Haagen Dazs. They are my go to favorite when it comes to store bought ice cream. I use a Fat Daddio's removable bottom cheesecake pan when I create this masterpiece because it will hold the ice cream well as I layer it and removing the finished cake from the pan is much easier. The pan size I use is a 9x3 inch round. To fill it you will need six containers of your choice of Haagen Dazs ice cream. I used vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

Ice Cream

For the crust I processed about 23 oreos (whole) with about a 1/2 cup of almonds. Mix with a little melted butter to get the crust to form. Press in the bottom of your pan (lined with parchment paper) and place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Once removed from the freezer I cover the crust in a layer of ganache and caramel. Place back in the freezer before adding your first layer of ice cream.

Oreo Almond Crust

I like my first layer (on the bottom) to be vanilla. I have had a difficult time lately finding vanilla bean Haagen Dazs so I just add my own vanilla beans. This is an optional step that you can omit.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

When the ice cream first comes out of the container it is pretty hard and the hand mixer won't really work well. You could use a Kitchen Aid mixer if you want to move faster. I just let the ice cream sit in my large stainless steel bowl for a few minutes and then come back and mix to a spreadable consistency. Pour your vanilla layer and smooth, then let set up in the freezer before adding your coffee layer next.

Spread your final layer of chocolate ice cream on top.

Before placing in your layers in the freezer you can add an additional layer of caramel to the top. Place back in freezer to set up fully.

Add your final layer of ganache and garnish with some sliced almonds for a beautiful presentation. Freeze well before removing to serve.

Dip your pan in some hot water...only takes a second. Slide off outer pan. I use a tall cup to push the pan off.

Beautiful, delicious layers ~ Enjoy! xo

Watch how to make this ice cream cake here!


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