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Bridal Shower Cake
Sandy Beach Themed Cake
Buttercream flowers cake
Red Ruffle Steampunk Wedding Cake


Cake Flavors

Vanilla Bean Cake
Our signature cake made with vanilla beans. Light, moist, and so flavorful this vanilla cake goes well with a raspberry, strawberry, lemon curd, or fresh coconut filling. 


Chocolate Cake

Decadently rich Valrhona chocolate cake.


German Chocolate Cake

Rich chocolate cake with a traditional coconut and pecan frosting.


Lemon Cake

Fresh lemon zest in the cake batter and frosting, and fresh lemon juice on the cake layers make this a lemon cake without equal.


Strawberry Cake

Layers of moist strawberry cake and Strawberry Buttercream Frosting make this three-layer cake a must for strawberry lovers.


Carrot Cake
A southern favorite, our carrot spice cake is wonderfully moist and made with pineapple, raisin, coconut and walnuts. Filled with your choice of cream cheese icing or our traditional buttercream icing.


Red Velvet
A light chocolate velvet cake made with Valrhona dutch processed cocoa and recognized by its gorgeous deep red color. Filled with your choice of cream cheese icing or our signature vanilla buttercream icing.

Banana Cake

A scrumptious light and fluffy banana cake made from organic bananas and a touch of fragrant cinnamon. Paired perfectly with our cinnamon honey cream cheese frosting.




Vanilla Bean




Peanut Butter


Salted Caramel

Vanilla Cream Cheese

Cinnamon Honey Cream Cheese


We exclusively use Swiss meringue buttercream for all of our cakes. Unless otherwise specified this is our preferred frosting. One reason is because we can make it all organic and non-GMO. The other reason is because it is simply equisite with a silky smooth finish that is not overly sweet like traditional buttercreams. We aim to please so if a traditional American buttercream suites your palate we can accommodate you upon request.


We offer a kosher marshmallow fondant that we make in house. Our fondant covers our cakes producing a smooth matte finish. Perfect as is or a blank canvas for limitless creations.


We're located in the beautiful, but very tropical location of South Texas. That heat does not play well with beautiful crafted cakes made from butter....that melts! All of our cakes, unless otherwise specified, are covered in a white or semisweet chocolate ganache made from Belguim chocolate.This brings a stability that buttercream does not have.




Allergy Information

Contains: Dairy, eggs, nuts, and other known allergens


Disclaimer: While we do offer our desserts made without gluten, or other allergens, we cannot guarantee our desserts to be completely allergen free as we are not a dedicated kitchen. Equipment previously used to make a dessert containing these allergens may leave residual traces even with proper sanitary measures. While we offer our best effort to accommodate your needs, we ask that if you have a serious allergy to these ingredients please do not consume our desserts as a measure of precaution. Thank you!

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